All the RED Gear you need
Under One Roof

There’s only one place you’ll find
the largest camera rental inventory
in Louisiana: Digital FX.

We have the largest inventory of RED Epic Dragons, Epic MX bodies and Scarlets plus a complete inventory of support gear and lenses — all housed under one roof in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Digital FX is an authorized Louisiana vendor and a Authorized RED Rental House. We have been in business for over 25 years, and we are the experts on all things digital cinema — cameras, accessories, set up, media and digital workflow. You not only get well-maintained gear, you also get a service team of technicians, available 24-7.

We make sure your production isn’t delayed due to technical issues. All of our camera are optically collimated with the latest test equipment. And we do it all right here at our facility in Baton Rouge, where all of our gear is meticulously maintained.

All of our RED Epic-Ms & Epic-Xs

We are a local company

…our facilities are right here to serve you 24/7
with a full staff.

Don’t jeopardize your production

…by renting from an out of state rental house.
It’s virtually impossible for them to support your production’s last-minute tech needs. Digital FX can. We’re local, and our gear is too.

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We guarantee your satisfaction