RED Epic-M 5K
Digital Cinema Camera

Forget everything you think you know about digital cinema cameras. The Red Epic-M changes everything.

It’s smaller, more powerful, more revolutionary and produces richer and clearer images than any other camera in the world.

There are only a few hundred of these hand-made cameras in the world, and Digital FX was one of the first companies in the world to receive the Red Epic-M. It’s only 5 pounds, shoots at 5K at up to 120 frames per second (300 fps at 2K) with each frame measuring in at 14 megapixels. Like our fleet of Red Ones, our Epics can be outfitted with any number of options for your production.

Peter Jackson and James Cameron won’t use anything else. Why would you?


RED Epic-M Package

  • REDMAG 128GB SSD Drive
  • RED Station REDMAG 1.8"
  • ET Epic Riser Short Plate
  • ET Epic Riser Long Plate
  • ET 19mm Hybrid Plate
  • RED DSMC Quick Release Platform
  • RED Sliding Top Handle
  • RED DSMC Rail
  • VF/Brook Top Plate
  • RED Bomb Pro EVF
  • RED 5.6" Pro Touchscreen LCD
  • 2 RED EVF/LCD Cables
  • RED Power Supply
  • 2 RED 2B-1B Lemo Power Cables
  • RED DSMC Side Handle
  • REDmote
  • RED DSMS 1.8" SSD Side Module
  • 2 RED Batteries
  • RED Charger
Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 16-42mm Zoom Lens