Now Available:
Redmag SSD Media

All of our RED MX Bodies are now outfitted with Redmag 1.8" SSD Modules.

We have 256GB, 128GB, & 64GB SSD Redmags available, along with a RED Station Base and RED Station Redmags for offloading.

Say Goodbye to Dropped Frames

Redmag SSD drives are not sensitive to vibrations like traditional spinning hard drives. They are basically giant compact flash cards.

Downloading Made Easy

We can provide various types of downloading stations:

  • Simple SSD readers (FireWire 800 & eSATA)
  • RED Station Base & Redmag Modules
  • Complete Mobile data management system
RED 128GB SSD Card
RED 256GB SSD Card
RED SSD Side Module
RED SSD Station